15 Aug,2017

Q & A with Anna Radel

Posted by Anna Radel

Anna Radel has been Principal and owner of Wright Clarke Solicitors in Biloela since 2002. Anna doesn’t do things by halves, she bought the legal firm when her first child was only Read more >>

11 Jul,2017

How can I prevent my Will being challenged or disputed after I die?

Posted by Anna Radel

There is a difference between “disputing a Will” and challenging a Will by “claiming on an estate”.  To “dispute a Will” is to challenge the validity of the Will.  A Read more >>

09 Jun,2017

Primary Producer Grant Offer – Succession Planning

Posted by Anna Radel

Great news for primary producers – A new QRAA Farm Management Grant is available covering 50% of professional fees relating to family succession plans. Now is the perfect time to Read more >>

29 May,2017

The Essential 5 Steps to Establishing a Digital Estate Plan

Posted by Anna Radel

What will happen to all of your personal digital assets after you die?  How will your family or beneficiaries be able to access your: online financial, bank records, share portfolios Read more >>

20 Apr,2017

The Top 5 Reasons for Virtual Meetings

Posted by Anna Radel

Here are our top five reasons why a virtual face-to-face meeting might be more favourable for you than an actual in-person meeting. Save yourself time and money travelling to town Read more >>