14 Dec,2016

The Radel Family Christmas Newsletter

Posted by Anna Radel

Wow another year has passed and my boys are home from school and working on the farm.  It is hot and dry but we remain optimistic for a good season and sustained cattle prices! #gallery-1 Read more >>

19 Oct,2016

What is Estate Planning and Why Do I Need One?

Posted by Anna Radel

What is estate planning? Estate planning is more than simply making a Will. It is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of your estate during your Read more >>

20 Sep,2016

Why you shouldn’t die without a Will

Posted by Anna Radel

Anna Radel, Principal at Wright Clarke Solicitors, explains what can happen if you die without a Will and what you can do to prevent this happening to your family. “If you Read more >>

21 Jul,2016

A Country Practice

Posted by Anna Radel

For Brisbane born and raised Anna Radel, her biggest life adventure began when she first helped out at her step-father’s cattle property Tireen near Eidsvold. Early Years After school Read more >>

04 Jul,2016

Have you thought about who will get the family farm?

Posted by Anna Radel

Your farm represents a lifetime of hard work, and it can often be difficult to avoid disputes when transferring it to the next generation.  The majority of farmers in Australia haven’t Read more >>