11 Jan,2016

Transactions with family entities under greater ATO scrutiny than ever

Posted by Anna Radel

Do you have several different taxation entities such as companies trusts and family partnerships? The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is investigating these relationships more and Read more >>

07 Dec,2015

Deferred Livestock Sales – Lease buy arrangements

Posted by Anna Radel

Exiting the primary production game or trying to establish a herd with cash flow restrictions? Leasing and Sale Purchase Options can be a fabulous way to manage the needs of people Read more >>

16 Nov,2015

Livestock away on agistment? Are you properly protected?

Posted by Anna Radel

Since 2009 a new regime has been implemented creating a new one stop register for all securities on assets that are not land or fixtures of the land. The impact on owners of livestock Read more >>

02 Sep,2015

Buying a property? Get our top auction tips!

Posted by Anna Radel

Auctions are a way to market and sell a property without negotiating the terms. It can be stressful, especially if you are a first time bidder.  At an auction, the property is sold Read more >>

30 Aug,2015

Selling your property? Don’t sign it all away!

Posted by Anna Radel

STOP! Before signing a contract, you need to ensure you understand what you are signing. A contract is a legally binding document. A standard document does not mean it is safe to sign Read more >>