Have you got all your legal matters in order? Check the list and make sure you’re ready and prepared for the best possible 2018.

We all put a great deal of effort into planning a party or a trip away but loathe to sort out our legal matters. So many times clients come in after they have done the deal and it has gone wrong. The cost in terms of stress alone is horrendous.

Take a look at our personal and business legal health checklist to see if you have all your legal matters in order, then call us on (07) 4992 2722 to book an appointment with our professional team at Wright Clarke to map out a future plan. Wright Clarke is happy to provide some initial general advice on a complimentary basis to our clients.

Tick when completed Action required □

Will and Enduring Power of Attorney Do you have a Will and Enduring Power of Attorney? Is it current? Do you know if it will actually deliver the result that you intend? Take the time to ensure that all your assets are considered as many are not covered in a standard will.

□ Estate Plan Take some time out to plan your affairs now before the year gets into full swing. You don’t want to be rushing through your estate planning or other legal matters because you’re going overseas or there is a major event in your life.

□ Binding Death Nomination While your superannuation assets might not form part of your estate in the event of your death, you can certainly control how they are to be dealt with in that event, for example by making a binding death nomination. Again though it is important to review this regularly to ensure that it is in keeping with your current succession plan.

□ Optimum Business Structure Take your business to the next level. If you are running a business now is the perfect time to consider what goals you wish to achieve in the coming year and whether your business structure suits your present commercial needs.

□ Asset Protection Will an unexpected claim cause all your hard work to crash? Book an appointment with Anna Radel to ensure that your business and personal assets are protected from potential risks.