Rural Law and Legal Advice for Small Business Rural law Knowing how the law works to protect your interests is critical when operating a farm.

For example what are your legal rights or obligations in regard to :

Right of access for mining and gas company employees? Negotiating with wind farm companies? Some of these new technologies have brought a whole new level of complexity to rural law.

Let alone the sorts of issues that you have always had to deal with, such as your rights and obligation sin regard to shooters , straying livestock and even trespassers.

While some of these issues have been around for years, the law that relates to them has in some cases changed.

Wright Clarke Solicitors can help with legal advice for small business

We see our role as partnering with you to ensure that in these types of situations, we are in your corner, considering how to protect you and your family’s interests.

With large businesses, when they are doing anything, one of the first people they call are the lawyers.

That is the same relationship that we have with many of our farming and small business clients. Because of our close relationship with them, we understand what is happening in their business and can advise them accordingly in a proactive way.

Small Business Legal Advice Small business owners are busy people. I’m sure you will agree.

It’s hard enough staying up to date with the core business issues, let alone being aware of changes in the law and even new technologies and how they impact you.

We can assist you in many ways. Here are some examples of areas where we have recently helped small business clients:

Workplace and Employment Law

Employment contracts and workplace agreements Assist with disputes and unfair dismissals Occupational health and safety issues Corporation Law

Shareholder agreements Advice on corporate governance Documenting company administration Trade Practice s law

Consumer law

Wright Clarke Solicitors can help We are a bit different from many solicitors in that we principally deal with businesses. As a result business issues such as these are things we come across regularly. As a result we stay up to date and can make sure that you are getting the latest thinking on these areas