Small Business Taxation and Finance Legal Advice Small Business Taxation Taxation has an impact in many business transactions.

When assisting your with documents and advice that arise from business transactions we are constantly considering how you will be affected by GST, Capital Gain Tax and Income Tax as well as State Taxes such as Land Tax where applicable.

That way we can bring to your attention taxation issues that may have been overlooked and generally work to ensure that your taxation liability is minimised.

Finance While we can help you by reviewingand drafting mortgages, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation, once again we will look it these documents with the business perspective to ensure that they are:

Practical Protect your interests Cost effective Wright Clarke Solicitors can help We are a bit different from many solicitors in that we principally deal with businesses. As a result business issues such as these are things we come across regularly. As a result we stay up to date and can make sure that you are getting the latest thinking on these areas