Your farm represents a lifetime of hard work make sure

  • you avoid disputes when transferring it to the next generation
  • mining and other companies respect your rights to the land you love
  • an unplanned for tragedy does not cause you to lose it

You work long hours in your business don’t let

  • unplanned for risks undo all that hard work
  • employment disputes erode your hard earned profits
  • partnership or co-owner disputes interfere with a great business concept
  • financial agreements spring nasty hidden surprises

Families are wonderful but sometimes stressful things happen

  • get families back on track
  • protect your assets for the people you want to receive them
  • ensure that your assets are held by appropriate entities

Wright Clarke Solicitors can help you with these issues and many more in an understanding and caring manner. We offer practical timely and cost effective legal strategies to give you peace of mind in this ever complex world. We care about every client and provide individualised services.

In our experience most issues that cause stress and loss of profit or worse loss of your hard earned assets can be avoided. Unfortunately many people avoid lawyers until it is simply too late and that horse has long since disappeared in a cloud of dust. At Wright Clarke Solicitors we develop strategies in co-operation with our clients to prevent that gate getting left open. Preventative strategies have the added bonus of being far more cost effective than litigation and in most cases offer controlled outcomes that court battles simply do not.
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