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How to change your Will

If your circumstances have changed – your Will must be updated to reflect your current circumstances. But what’s the best way to do this? Let’s go over some of the main questions we get asked when people are looking at changing their Will.

Can’t I just write in my changes?
Your Will is a legal document, and you cannot simply add or delete anything from your Will after it has been signed. Doing so may cause your Will to be invalid. Even the simplest change needs to be done correctly or the results can be costly.

What if I make a codicil?
A codicil is an addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a Will or part of one. If wrongly prepared a codicil can revoke all of your Will. Will drafting is a very precise legislation driven exercise and should only be handled by experienced solicitors.

Codicils were originally designed to save time and money when Wills were handwritten or typed on a typewriter.

A codicil must be signed and witnessed with the same formalities as those used in the Will’s preparation. We do not recommend attaching a codicil to your Will as there are many legal issues that arise and they have a potential to add to the cost of administering your estate while not guaranteeing the result you intend.

How to change your Will
With today’s technology is it more effective to prepare a new Will. Here at Wright Clarke Solicitors we offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to review your current Will and to consider your full estate planning needs. If you decide not to make any changes no fees apply. Of course if you do decide to make a new will our team can discuss your needs and advise you of the approximate costs. In most situations you will need to consider more than just your will alone. Contact our team today to book in your consultation.

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