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What to include in a Conduct and Compensation Agreement

Conduct and Compensation Agreements or CCAs are the most important document a landholder will sign. Without a CCA, a CSG company cannot enter your land and undertake ‘advanced’ activities unless the matter has been referred to Court. A CCA will set the basis for access to your land, the activities that can be undertaken and the process to compensate you for your loss. These documents often seem harmless and often initial agreements are one page! However you need to beware of what you are signing away!

Preparing and knowing what to include in an agreement is important to a successful negotiation, and we work with you to ensure you get the best from your negotiations.

We will help you to identify any goals or issues you want included in your agreement. These may include setting fair, reasonable and workable solutions to:

  • ensure your safety and the safety of your family, employees and animals
  • preserve the amenity of your home
  • minimise or avoid the impact of resource activities on you, your activities and land
  • set out acceptable standards of conduct for anyone coming onto your land
  • identify anything the company may be able to do to assist or benefit you
  • ensure you don’t incur unreasonable out-of-pocket expenses from negotiating agreements
  • ensure you receive adequate compensation for impacts to you and your family, animals, crops, business and land
  • ensure your rights and those of your family are respected
  • reach an agreement that you and the company can live with and will abide by.

We use a wide range of experts to assist us with the assessment of issues and the verification of impacts. Experts that we brief include agronomists, hydrologists, valuers, noise consultants and animal production specialists. We find that the use of expert evidence is a critical component of assessing the compensatable effects of a development and ultimately proving that claim.

If you are faced with CSG or coal mining activities on your land please contact the team at Wright Clarke Solicitors – we’re here to help.