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The return to school battle!

January and early February have been a flurry of school based activity. Both my children now are boarding at The Rockhampton Grammar School. So January was busy with cricket and golf training, fencing and cattle work as well as arguments with contact and the sewing machine!!! 

My goodness the busyness of getting school books uniforms and casual clothes kept my mind off the fact that I would be home alone (except for a husband that crashes each night exhausted on the couch!!). It was hard sending my eldest last year, but to send them both this year resulted in a two hour drive home in tears!!  


I have been looking for some me time for 13 years and now that I have it – I would give it up in a heartbeat to have my lads back home!!

 I find it amazing how the jobs seem to take no time at all when you are not hollering at them to stop fighting or clowning about and feed the dogs, check the eggs, feed the poddy calf.  I now wonder why I didn’t just do it myself – oh that’s right I was washing folding ironing cleaning and shopping for food (my poor husband had the fun of cooking most nights!!!) not to mention adjudicating the incessant pre-teens squabbles and hiding iPad’s.

My eldest  son took an entire year to settle into boarding last year. Thanks to the tireless efforts of a well-equipped and generous minded staff he finished the year well and waded back into the fray with hardly a backwards glance.  A cricket tragic, he was off in a cloud of dust to the cricket nets!!!

My younger son had a few ups and downs but has found some mates and will no doubt find his rhythm soon. The teary phone calls are less often and he seems to be having lots of fun! 

Choosing the right path for your children is always a challenge – every option has its pros and cons. The discipline and focused education was vital to my boys who are not naturally academic. The exposure to so many children from other areas helps them understand others and truly realise the world is a lot bigger than Biloela! 


So term one has begun and now I am taking the time to follow my own advice. This week I am completing our legal health check for our personal affairs. Whilst we never want to think about early death or sudden serious injury – riding the quad bike through mud paddocks to get to town for work  made me stop and think – did we consider the risks and what if a nasty accident had occurred? Well after I complete this check I will know what I need to do to ensure my boys are safe and cared for if something happens to me!  

Have you considered the potential outcome of sudden death or illness on your family? Our free personal health check questionnaire can help narrow down issues that need to be considered and we can formulate a plan to ensure that all bases are covered and your family provided for legally in the event of an accident or illness.

Email or call our office on 07 4992 2722 and arrange a time for me to contact you by telephone to discuss your situation and see how we can help you. Sign up for our emails and let us know what legal issues interest you.