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When to review your Will

Some people think that making a Will is something you do once and that you can then forget about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that can be worse than not having a Will is having a Will which is no longer relevant to your circumstances.

If a child, spouse, executor, guardian or beneficiary passes away you will need to amend your Will to reflect this.

If you have gotten married since your Will was created it will generally be revoked by the marriage unless your Will is made in contemplation of marriage. A de facto living arrangement will also affect your Will as the de facto partner is entitled to distribution from your estate and may contest your Will if not provided for.

If you have divorced from your spouse certain clauses in your Will may be revoked. If you are separated, contemplating divorce or have been divorced since making your Will make sure you consult our team.

If you buy a significant asset or investment, get involved in a new business, company or trust you need to give consideration to what happens to this asset after your death. It is important for you to review your Will every two or three years or when a major event occurs in your life. Regular reviews of your Will ensure that your intentions are still accurately reflected.

Peace of mind comes from making sure all your affairs are considered. If your circumstances have changed – now is a great time to review your Will.  Wright Clarke Solicitors offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to review your current Will and to consider you full estate planning needs.  Contact our team today to book in your consultation.