The Radel Family Christmas Newsletter

Wow another year has passed and my boys are home from school and working on the farm.  It is hot and dry but we remain optimistic for a good season and sustained cattle prices!


Last weekend we cleaned the yard and house (and relocated spiders!) and put up our minimalist Christmas lights. The place looks far more festive now and brought a new energy and urgency to the list of jobs yet to be done! Wright Clarke Solicitors is currently assisting many clients get those last few jobs off their lists and so we are very busy. Regionally it is rather quiet at Christmas and so our whole team is having a much deserved 3 week break to recharge and prepare to help more people next year.

We have branded and weaned and have a few little poddy calves at home this year. And of course “Cassie” our famous poddy from last year. She is that one in a lifetime calf. Raised on the bottle she has wandered our garden and horse paddocks at will for 12 months now.  She is an avid TV fan and usually stands at the louvres to watch and be with the family. She has on occasion ventured into our TV room for the odd game of football or cricket!


Cassie will sell her soul for a slice of bread and has been known to steal from the ponies (one brave calf I must say!) but has recently decided that she loves rockmelon!!

We had a small shower last weekend and there is a lovely greenness at home now. It is rather funny to come home and have the old Jack Russell race out to greet you followed by our over indulged young cattle dog and then this great galumphing Santa Gertrudis heifer. Such merriment make the stress of the day slip away instantly!


Everyone here wishes you all joy and laughter over the Christmas season wherever you may and look forward to helping you all next year!