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The Top 5 Reasons for Virtual Meetings

Here are our top five reasons why a virtual face-to-face meeting might be more favourable for you than an actual in-person meeting.

  1. Save yourself time and money travelling to town for a meeting by meeting virtually instead.
  2. No disruption to work flow – a face time or skype call, presuming coverage is good, can take place anywhere.  You could be a long way out herding cattle and take a 20-minute break to face-time for an update on a matter via a portable device.
  3. When a legal matter is time sensitive and you can’t leave your property due to other crucial and time sensitive work, a virtual meeting, perhaps through GoToMeeting,  allows you to stay on your property while allowing you to continue to attend to your legal matters.
  4. What if your property is cut off due to flooding or fire? It is often in those times you need to seek urgent legal advice and for your solicitor to truly understand your circumstances.  How amazing to be able to communicate virtually face to face.
  5. If you are unwell or physically immobile or caring for a family member who is incapacitated, again this is a time you may need to attend to a legal matter. Having the capacity to continue to engage with your solicitor when you need to rather than delaying until you can be physically present could eliminate unnecessary additional stress during an already difficult time.

Next time you are scheduling a meeting or about to send an email consider the option of whether a face-time call or skype chat will suit your circumstances and be a more effective and efficient means for your communication need.

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