Why Wright Clarke Solicitors is embracing the digital landscape … but not moving there

Ever changing technology has the potential to ‘digitally disrupt’ OR present new opportunities to enhance our lives and how we conduct business.

There is a growing trend in legal practice to provide all services online through a portal.  Negating the need for a solicitor and client to ever actually meet!  Virtual law firms may result in a huge income gain for solicitors due to faster turnover of matters but the loss to clients of their legal advisor not fully understanding the complexity of their situation could be immense.

Here at Wright Clarke we aim to get the balance right, to use technology in the right way, to further our connection with clients as well as expedite communication.

Email and mail is always a necessary part of communication with a solicitor, however, in many cases the back and forth of an email exchange can be very inefficient time-wise and not very effective in getting to the heart of a matter.

So much can be ‘lost in translation’ through emails, texts and phone calls.  Text alone lacks the context needed for a thorough understanding of what someone is communicating.

Face to face communication is the best method of communication allowing for facial expressions and other nonverbal cues to boost our understanding of the verbal as humans use facial expression, gesture and body language for 60% to 93% of their communication.

So how do we save ourselves time and work more efficiently with emerging technology without sacrificing face to face communication that allows for the clearest and often most efficient communication?  Through virtual face-to -face meetings on GoToMeeting, facetime, skype or video-link.

I can see huge potential and benefit for clients in using this technology to communicate with Wright Clarke and other professional services firms when, for whatever reason, it is difficult meet in person.

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