Are you faced with mining activities on your land?

It is an antagonising and often worrying experience when first faced with exploration or development on your land especially when dealing with the uncertainty of unknown impacts to your land, business, family and your future.

It is important that prior to any entry to your property that you know your rights and know the right questions to ask. It is also important that you get the right legal advice from people with expertise in gas and mining negotiations, but also lawyers that understand you and your business.

Anna Radel prides herself on providing landholders with the highly technical advice they need in practical terms they can understand.

Our approach is simple:

  1. Negotiate an agreement which protects your rights – now and for any future impacts;
  2. Ensure you the landowner really understands the potential risks as opposed to the compensation amount offered;
  3. Clearly define and explain the activities that will be undertaken on your land and how those activities will be undertaken; and
  4. Include compensation which adequately covers your loss, the impact to your land, your business and your time.

If you are faced with CSG or coal mining activities on your land please contact the team at Wright Clarke Solicitors – we’re here to help.